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Fun With Superstitions

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The NEW Dreaming Room

Psychic Library is pleased to announce our new Dreaming Room. Below is a sampling of a common dream about falling.
The sensation of falling while in a dream state can be attributed to a normal physiological occurrence. Often, falling is experienced at a time when you are beginning to fall into a deeper sleep, which can cause a sudden awakening accompanied by a quick jerking motion. At this time, your blood pressure and heart rate begin to drop. The central nervous system is also calming down. It is thought that the sudden awakening is an arousal mechanism for awakening quickly or be on alert to possible danger.


Psychologically, however, dreams of falling can indicate several things. It is only a myth that if you hit the ground in your dream, you will die in your sleep. When you are falling you are out of control, with nothing to grab on to. This symbolic loss of control in your dream can relate to a relationship, job, or any inadequacies you may be feeling in your waking life. Usually, after these situations in your life are rectified, the dreams of falling discontinue.


This type of dream can indicate a sense of failure at something or a feeling of inferiority. It can also mean that you are experiencing difficulty in transitioning from one phase of your life to another. Another meaning could be that you are indulging in some type of self-destructive behavior.


A falling dream can also be taken as a warning — perhaps that something is unsafe around you or that there is real physical danger to come. Investigate before you dismiss it.


If these dreams are recurring, take the time ask yourself what is going on in your life that you might need to address, or if any of the issues associated with a falling dream apply to you. Upon introspection, you just might uncover the hidden answers your dreams are telling you.
For more information about dreams and their meanings, visit the Dreaming Room.


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Making Sense of It All

By Holly Stiel     · Comments (0)


Over the holidays, I met a very interesting character named Donnie Tash. Donnie, a close friend of an old friend of mine, recently designed and developed an awesome website called The Psychic Library. The entertaining and informative site assists viewers in making sense of a wide range of metaphysical subjects we have heard of but may not really understand such, as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Cards, The I Ching, Psychic Readings, Angel Guides et al…



What I love about Donnie as well as the site is the personal story behind its creation. For many years, Donnie had a successful psychotherapy practice and never delved into anything resembling the psychic realm. In fact, he never even had a palm reading at a craft fair. He had absolutely no interest in anything that did not support his left-brained analytic worldview. When he was 57, he had a medical condition that required surgery. The surgery had complications and Donnie went into a coma and was on death’s door. When he came out of the coma, he began to experience odd sounds and felt strangely connected to people. At first he chalked it up to the medications and the coma, but long after the drugs wore off he still heard the voices. A reluctant clairvoyant, he was unwittingly beginning to see into peoples’ pasts and futures. Unable to ignore what was happening, he decided to research it and the Psychic Library is the result of that study.



There is so much skepticism and confusion regarding the psychic realm and unfortunately much of it is well deserved. There is also great fascination with the subject. The Psychic Library attempts to answer some of the questions and offers some very helpful and fun activities using a variety of oracles, such as cards, charts and algorithms. It is worth checking out. You can ‘play’ in the different rooms in the library, meet your angels, learn some interesting things, and, with an open mind, have fun.



P.S. I had never met Donnie before we were introduced at a mutual friend’s home. And there was no way for him to have any idea that Jackie, my closest friend from the time we were seven, had died the year before. While we were putting out some hors d’oeuvres, he said to me, “I’m hearing a ‘J’ sound. Something like John, or Joe or Jack. Does that mean anything to you?” I emphatically said, “Yes!” He went on to tell me about Jackie’s three children and gave me a message to pass on to her daughter. I did as I was told. I also asked him if Jackie had a message for me and he said “no.” I guess I was just the messenger this time.



Are you listening to the messages that are being revealed to you on a daily basis?



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Thank you very much, Inc,



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