News Room – Issue 1


First, let us define intuition. It is your awareness of a fact or reality that is not related to any usual reasoning power or logical assumption. It is an insight about events that may or may not take place. It surpasses logic and is more than an educated guess. Intuition is your internal communication system and is on call at any moment.


Numerology is fascinating, and once you learn about the basics of this incredible science you’ll want to learn more. It is believed that numbers reveal a great deal about your personality and life path. Your life path number is a very important number in numerology — it reveals your traits at birth and guides your life’s journey or path.



What’s on my mind? Better still, what’s on yours? We are pleased to concurrently launch and present the Psychic Library Channeler e-newspaper and the website Speaking on behalf of the two entities (as the editor of both), “Welcome.” It is the hope and the challenge that Psychic Library will appeal to a broad audience!









Each month the Channeler will feature the traits and dates of the corresponding zodiac signs of that month. We are aware their have been discussions about bringing back a 13th sign named Ophiuchus, which had previously been discarded from the group. Due to reader consensus, we are going to continue to follow the traditional zodiac with 12 signs.


When you sit for a tarot card reading are there energy fields at work? Have you chosen the cards or have the cards chosen you? Tarot card reading is a form of divination. Simply stated, the cards are used to interpret the past, present and future or to answer specific questions related to the person being read (also known as a sitter or querent).


Past life regression is the act of tapping into the many past lives of your soul and identifying the challenges you might have experienced during those incarnations. Doing this can shed light on your specific issues and provide you with a more problem-free future. Many people repress their thoughts and emotions, which only keeps them stuck in their life.



“I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.” – Franklin P. Adams
(1881 – 1960)



The Channeler invites you to view our hand-selected videos. We have chosen them for relevance, and we hope that they will be informative, educational and enjoyable for you.

Some people regard angels as personal guardians, sentinels of purity that champion truth and justice for the universe, or as messengers from heaven. The real question is: What has been their impact in the daily lives of people from all walks of life and spiritual ideologies?


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