News Room Issue 4

              THE GRAVE

After a loved one passes away, whether having suffered from a long illness or suddenly, we are totally grief stricken. At this time, we realize that final arrangements for a funeral or memorial service need to be made. During the process of saying goodbye to our loved ones, we try to make the ceremony special and honor their wishes. Many times people do little things, such as placing a personal memento next to the body or talking about and remembering special events that took place while they were alive.



EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA                            

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning to yoke, join or unite. Yoga is an art and science that combines physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to achieve union between mind, body and spirit. Its origin is from India and dates back more than 3,000 years ago. The foundations of the philosophy were written down in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, approximately 200 A.D. Today, it is a well-known form of exercise. Classes are given at almost every health club, church and community center.


Psychic Library has been up to quite a lot since the last issue of the Channeler. Our content continues to expand; in fact, so much so that we have added two new rooms to the library. When you have a chance, please visit the new Superstition Room and Dreaming Room. In the Superstition Room, you will find explanations and origins of some common superstitions. The Dreaming Room deals with dream analysis and dream interpretation, and explains some of the types of dreams that many people experience in their lives.



                       TAROT TALK

When you sit for a tarot card reading are there energy fields at work? Have you chosen the cards or have the cards chosen you? Tarot card reading is a form of divination. Simply stated, the cards are used to interpret the past, present and future or to answer specific questions related to the person being read (also known as a sitter or querent).


Each month the Channeler will feature the traits and dates of the corresponding zodiac signs for that month. We are aware that there have been discussions about bringing back a 13th sign named Ophiuchus, which had previously been discarded from the group. Due to reader consensus, we are going to continue to follow the traditional zodiac with 12 signs.




“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little 
 before it will explain itself.”
  Charles Dickens
 (1812-  1870)



The Channeler invites you to view “How to Meditate,” by Howcast videos. We hope that it will be informative, educational and enjoyable for you.





           CRISTAL BEDS

 By Merle Feldman


Cristal* Bed (also known as Cristal Bath) treatments are performed all over the world, but the most well-known center for this powerful healing technique is the Casa de Dom Inacio. It is the healing sanctuary of John of God and is located in Abadiania, a small village in the center of Brazil. The incredible healer João de Deus (John of God) is a full-trance medium, which means that when he is healing someone, he loses consciousness.  An elevated spirit incorporates (enters his body) and uses it to perform operations, cures and treatments of the physical and spiritual bodies. 



         SAVE THE DATE!

June 7, 2012

Psychic Library cofounder and psychic medium, Donnie, will once again be appearing as a guest on the upcoming World Talk Radio Variety channel’s “The Self Improvement Show,” hosted by Dr. Irene Conlan. The show will take place on Thursday June 7, 2012, at noon, Pacific time.

 Listen to the May 10th show now




First things first, congratulations to our Amazon Kindle Fire contest winner, Cortni V., of Tempe, AZ. The new contest, sponsored by Psychic Library, in conjunction with our affiliate partner, Psychics Live,  is available to current cardholders who sign up and to new Psychic Library cardholders automatically. However, current cardholders (as of April 1, 2012) who enter will automatically be entered twice.





Superstitions date back to early man’s attempt to explain Nature and his own existence. There was a deep belief that animals, nature and objects held a connection to spirits and the spirit world. In order to have a feeling of appeasing these forces, different behaviors or customs came about that would hold a favorable fate and good fortune. Many superstitions arose from mythology, where omens were common.


Dreams that occur during sleep are unique and are connected to an individual’s own life experiences, emotions and thoughts. In this section of the Channeler, a dream theme will be described and explained in each issue, in the attempt to shed light on why we dream the things we do. Understanding your dreams will deepen the connection with your mind, body and spirit.


                         By Jody Sharpe

My daughter Kate was beautiful and bright. She had a special light about her. After she passed away tragically in a car accident, I said to my husband, Steve, “I want to see her spirit, or an angel, to know that she is somewhere.” Throughout the years, I have had some wonderful experiences that are still unexplainable, including receiving messages from beyond. But those experiences pale in comparison to the wondrous gift of the image of Kate’s spirit, revealed to us in a photograph.




Psychic Library has produced a new short video for your enjoyment. It takes a lighthearted look at some common superstitions. Most people deny being superstitious; however, when pressed about specific ones, they usually blush and have to admit that they actually do follow some actions to ward off or avoid bad luck. What is the first superstition that comes to your mind?


 Svaroopa® Yoga
bliss of your own being
By Barbara McCarthy


Svaroopa is a Sanskrit word meaning the “bliss of your own being” and is pronounced swa-roo-pah. This style of yoga promotes maximum release of core tensions, particularly along the spine, while specializing on the inner experience. It is a compassionate and meditative yoga style that teaches a different way of doing traditional hatha yoga poses.


A typical class is 90 minutes in length and begins where other yoga styles end, shavasana, yoga’s relaxation pose. While lying down, you are directed through a guided awareness and learn the most important of yoga’s practices for healing, ujjayi pranayama. Poses follow the guided awareness and breathing practice, with class ending in another blissful shavasana. Classes are deeply relaxing, healing and transformational. Svaroopa® Yoga will deepen your awareness of the body and cultivate your inner bliss.












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