News Room Issue 6


With the holiday season upon us, you might notice your stress levels rising. Like it or not, you will be close to family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. Emotions run high during office and dinner parties, shopping malls and waiting in long lines. To get through this time of year with little or no emotional damage, take a tip from the psychics. Whether or not you are psychic, you can use these methods to protect yourself from harboring another person’s negative emotions.



Extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as cryptesthesia and the sixth sense, is the ability to acquire information without the use of the five physical senses. Many people believe that everyone is born with one form or another of ESP. For some people it is more developed than others. Often, by the age of four or five years old, logic and reason start to take a stronger hold on the mind and these abilities are weakened or lost.


Psychic Library is pleased to announce the start of our own in-house staff of various types of readers. Tarot and Astrology readings and classes are available via Skype, telephone or in person (for those in the Phoenix area). Also in the Phoenix area, our readers are available for special events and parties. For more information, click here.

If you have not been to our site for a while, we hope you enjoy this issue of the Channeler and all of the new information added to the site.






Superstitions date back to early man’s attempt to explain Nature and his own existence. There was a deep belief that animals, nature and objects held a connection to spirits and the spirit world. In order to have a feeling of appeasing these forces, different behaviors or customs came about that would hold a favorable fate and good fortune. Many superstitions arose from mythology, where omens were common. Let’s look at the four-leaf clover.


Dreams that occur during sleep are unique and are connected to an individual’s own life experiences, emotions and thoughts. In this section of the Channeler, a dream theme will be described and explained in each issue, in the attempt to shed light on why we dream the things we do. Understanding your dreams will deepen the connection with your mind, body and spirit. This issue we will look into dreams about being naked.





              TAROT CARD SPREADS

A tarot card spread is a method by which a tarot card reader physically lays out or places the cards on the table and then interprets the card meanings for the querent. Not only are there many different types of tarot card decks available, there are also many different spreads used by card readers. For example, the very popular Celtic Cross spread does not follow one standardized card layout.




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Psychic Library is happy to announce a new contest for a $25 Amazon gift card. Even better news, all Psychic Library Card holders have been entered to win. To better your chances of winning, everyone is entitled to a second entry. For your second chance, click on the “Enter Contest” button below.






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