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A near-death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon in which someone close to death or suffering from trauma or disease sees a glimpse into the afterlife and experiences events that are unexplainable and supernatural. Although there has been much skepticism within the medical community concerning NDEs, the tables have been turning. Up until the 1970’s, most medical doctors, especially neurologists, explained away these incidents as being a normal chemical reaction in the brain — it shuts down for a time due to a lack of oxygen and blood.


               TYPES OF

Types of Psychics

It is very important to know the different types of psychics and psychic readings that are available to you before you make a choice. Psychic readings are divided into two groups — structured and unstructured. A structured reading involves the use of divination tools such as tarot cards; the lines, bumps and markings on your palms, head and other parts of the body; rune stones; I-Ching coins; tea leaves; astrology birth charts; and numbers, to name a few, to give information and answers about your career, relationships and past, present and future events in your life.

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Superstitions date back to early man’s attempt to explain Nature and his own existence. There was a deep belief that animals, nature and objects held a connection to spirits and the spirit world. In order to have a feeling of appeasing these forces, different behaviors or customs came about that would hold a favorable fate and good fortune. Many superstitions arose from mythology, where omens were common. Let’s look at the horseshoe superstition.


Dreams that occur during sleep are unique and are connected to an individual’s own life experiences, emotions and thoughts. In this section of the Channeler, a dream theme will be described and explained in each issue, in the attempt to shed light on why we dream the things we do. Understanding your dreams will deepen the connection with your mind, body and spirit. This issue we will look into dreams about getting lost and losing items.





              TYPES OF HAUNTINGS

A haunting is paranormal phenomena of either the appearance of a spirit or supernatural being, or the replay of an action or event that took place at a specific location in the past. Four common types of hauntings are residual, intelligent, poltergeist and demonic. As yet, there are no scientific explanations for hauntings; however, parapsychologists continue to look for answers.








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