Crystal and Gemstone Powers

Crystal and gemstone powers have always been a mystery. The crystals and gemstones not only have a beautiful appearance, they are known for their healing and spiritual properties. Theories abound as to why crystals and gemstones have such powerful attributes. One popular belief is that they absorb energies, emotions and thoughts. Different powers are associated with each type of stone, and a person who uses or wears a particular stone will absorb those powers. Keep in mind that crystal healing does not replace medical treatment. However, it can be used as a complementary therapy.




It is important to cleanse your stone after you have acquired it. This process removes unwanted energy within the stone that may have been left there by another individual who handled it. If you do not cleanse the stones, it will render them less effective and allow negative energies and imbalances to be passed on.


The easiest way to cleanse your stone is to wash each stone separately under running water for one minute and let it air dry, preferably in the sun. If you soak your stone, fill up a natural container (not plastic) with water, but only put in one stone per container.


Get to know your stone and personalize it. Feel it with your hands so that you become familiar with its texture and shape. Keep your special stones in a place so that only you can touch them. If you want to share some other stones, you might place those in a bowl that anyone may handle.




It is beneficial to wear crystal and gemstone jewelry or to have a few smaller stones in your pocket. This is a great way to help balance your energy levels. Again though, the stone will only help you if it has been cleansed. So, after wearing a piece of jewelry, cleanse it with running water. You certainly do not want to chance giving back unwanted energies to yourself.


Some stones might need to be located near a particular point on your body in order to work. If you have a pendant, the length of the chain will determine at what point the stone is on your body. For example, a gemstone pendant hanging near your heart chakra location will affect your emotional well-being. Wearing earrings can aid in balancing the throat and crown chakras.


While sleeping, you can put some stones under your pillow or on your nightstand to absorb their energies. If a person is ill, try putting a crystal in his or her room. Your plants can benefit from the stones, as well. Place the stones around the pots and see how much healthier the plants become. (Quartz and emerald are good ones to use for this.)


You might even consider making a gem remedy, which is done by placing a crystal or gem in a clear glass bowl of pure spring water and placing it in direct sunlight or overnight. This process imprints the water with the properties of the stone. (Be careful, as some gemstones might be toxic.) This water can be used to water plants or even to drink. The quartz stones are good ones to try.


These are just some of the ways that you can begin to explore how crystals and gemstones can assist your mind, body and spirit. You may also visit a professional healer who works with all types of crystals and gemstones, to find out which ones to use for yourself.







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