Finger Shapes


The finger shapes are important indicators in palmistry. Each of them reveals a different portion of an individual’s character, emotional state, spirituality and health. They can give insights into an individual’s knowledge, intellect, ambition, balance, creativity and communication with others. Their analyses can also help predict one’s future or future outcomes. Palmists consider their shape, length, width, placement, flexibility, horizontal or vertical lines, markings, nail shape and whether or not there are half-moons on the nail. Each is divided into three sections, called phalanges. The fingers also contain vertical and horizontal lines. Horizontal lines reveal one’s life obstacles and difficulties — past, present and future. Vertical lines pertain to health issues. They may also indicate you are suffering from a lack of sleep. Also, these lines can cross each other. This represents obstacles that have been overcome. Given below are the general traits for each of the fingers.

Jupiter Finger (index): This finger influences one’s ability to lead. It rules the ego, success and spirituality. When this finger is long, the individual is strong, set in their ways, likes to take charge and are self-assured. Taken to the extreme, these individuals may stop at nothing to attain their goals. When the finger is short, the person is shy, full of self-doubt and afraid of failure. Horizontal lines are an indication that someone is going to betray a confidence. Vertical lines have a direct connection to the health of the thyroid.


Saturn Finger (middle):  This finger denotes one’s ambitions, logic, family and balance. When the finger is long, it is a sign of someone who is studious and serious about obtaining goals. This is also someone who pays attention to details. A shorter Saturn finger is an indication of an individual who is not interested in getting ahead or working too hard. This individual is also not afraid to take risks and to make rash decisions. If it is a bit shorter than the other fingers, intuition plays a great role in decision-making. The horizontal lines represent insecurities with regard to personal relationships and the home life. Vertical lines deal directly with the health of the pineal gland.


Apollo or Sun Finger (ring):  This is the finger that represents creativity, talents, good fortune and success. It indicates personal development and an expansion of one’s horizons. This individual is creative and has a deep affection for the arts. The romantic side of one’s life is seen through this finger. An extremely long finger can signify a risk taker and even someone who might have a gambling problem. When the Apollo finger is short, selfishness and a lack of enthusiasm are present. When it is even with or leaning toward the Saturn finger, this is an indication of an individual who is self-assured and has a great outlook on life. The horizontal lines represent a threat to your personal happiness. Vertical lines have an impact on the thyroid or can indicate heart problems. There is a special marking at the base of this finger that may or may not be present. It is called the ring of Apollo.


Mercury Finger (pinky): This represents communication, intuition and the relationships one has with others. If this finger is long, the person has a high intelligence level, is a good communicator and is extremely outgoing. If it is short, one might display childish behavior, bashfulness and have a lack of self-confidence. This person may also be overly self-critical. Also, if it is bent or twisted, it reveals someone who can be manipulative. Horizontal lines represent difficulties with self-confidence. It may also suggest a low sex drive. Vertical lines deal with one’s overall health. If it is in line with the other fingers, this is an indication of an individual with good self-esteem and confidence. Set lower than the other fingers, one may display many talents, but prefers to display them in private.




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