Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter is located on the palm of the hand at the base of the index finger. It has a connection to the Greek God, Zeus, who became Jupiter in Roman mythology. This mount indicates how you perceive the world and how you want to be viewed by others. It has a lot to do with your determination, ego, need for power and control, accomplishment and leadership. If this mount is normally elevated and prominent, this can indicate an individual who has divine aspects, a strong spiritual connection, is not self-centered and has no problem helping others. This person always has a pleasant look, and no matter how difficult the situation, he carries a positive attitude. He shows signs of good health and respect and compassion for others.  If it appears over developed and higher than the others, this may indicate someone who wants to dominate other people, is self-centered and has a lack of compassion. If there seems to be a flat or absence of this mount, this is an indication that one’s self-confidence is low and there is a presence of a lack of ambition.




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