Pet Zodiac Cancer

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)


Sensitivity is a glaring trait of Cancer pets. Even the mildest scolding causes them to retreat and cower until you have kissed and made up. They will not accept being treated as anything less than part of the family. They are vigilant protectors of the household and its members. Their loyalty is insurmountable. But just as important are their personal belongings. They are extremely clever at hiding their toys and tend to favor some toys more than others. The “special” toys always seem to wind up together in the same spot.


Also, be aware that they subscribe to “me and my shadow.” Very seldom will you find them not where you are. Another great pastime for our beloved Cancer pets is eating. They love their treats and everything that can be eaten in-between. So exercise is important, and usually they are quite willing to be first out the door to take a walk through the park. Most likely to meet up with any and all children, whom they dearly love. Keep in mind, however, that a car ride is not number one on their agendas.
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon


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