Simian Line

A very rare line, the Simian Line appears instead of a heart and head line. In other words, the heart line and head line are conjoined to form the Simian Line. This line is also called the simian fold or crease, or the palmer crease.
Individuals with a Simian Line are usually stubborn minded. They are ruled either by their heart or their head. They view the world in black or white terms — there are little, if any, gray areas. These individuals may have difficulty dealing with stress, or take things too personally. If there is a Simian Line on both palms, it can heighten its effects.
Instead of viewing the Simian Line as a negative attribute, look at it as being an enhanced connection between one’s heart and mind. This line can bring about much success. However, on the flip side, it can, at times, have some bad connotations.


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