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Let the Spirits Do the Writing



Automatic writing or drawing is the act of putting pen to paper and automatically and spontaneously producing writings or drawings without forethought or prior knowledge of what to write or draw. Automatic writing is used as a tool for therapists, writers and psychics.
As a therapeutic modality, psychologists and psychotherapists use it to help patients tap into their subconscious mind and thoughts. This gives the patient and therapist a better understanding of what may be repressed and what is going on in the subconscious mind. To accomplish this, some therapists have used hypnosis to relax their patients into a trance-like state so that the conscious mind chatter does not get in the way of the writing or drawing.
Automatic writing is also an excellent tool to help writer’s suffering from “writer’s block.” It helps hone in writing skills and sparks creative ideas in the conscious mind. Practicing this technique opens up and unblocks the writer’s abilities and talents.
During the time of the Spiritualist movement in the mid-1800s, automatic writing was accepted as a way for psychics and even ordinary people to connect with the spirit world. It is also known as “spirit” or “trance” writing and it continues to be a widely used divination today. Many people practicing this divination claim that as the spirit or entity sends messages through them, it feels as though the spirit is moving the arm and hand over the paper.
Although you are probably more used to a computer for writing these days, it is best to use pen and paper due to the fact that they give you the ability to draw images or symbols.
Find a quiet place and a comfortable chair and table. Clear your mind of the unwanted chatter, as it can be distracting and block the flow. It is a good idea to meditate as a calming exercise. (If you are using it as a divination tool, keep in mind that when connecting with the spirit world, there are some people who have channeled negative energies or spirits. Ask for protection from a higher power before you begin. Call on any spirits that might be near you or around you. Give the spirit permission to channel through your writing or drawing.) Do not allow your mind to filter out anything that is coming through. Just allow messages to flow, even if you don’t know quite where they fit in. When you have completed the writing or drawing, contemplate on what messages you received. Put away your pen or computer until your next session.
No matter for what purpose your use of automatic writing or drawing is intended, don’t get discouraged if it seems not to make sense right away. Over time and with patience and practice, it will start to flow and you will begin to reap its benefits.



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