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Interested in the Tarot and want to learn more? Looking for something different, educational and most of all fun? Host an introductory tarot class or a series of tarot classes in your home for you and a few of your friends. Tarot party host receives the first class free!


Psychic Library is pleased to announce that tarot classes are now available in the Phoenix area. The classes are being taught by Maggie Bohning, who has 60 years of experience with the tarot. She comes from a long line of psychics and has had many psychic experiences throughout her life. She receives spiritual messages through all of the “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.). However, she finds herself most comfortable using the tarot cards to help her focus on the messages she receives. The cards “talk” to her and can relate messages and information on love, relationships, career, money and health, as well as on other important issues requiring guidance. Maggie has her degree in psychology and is a compassionate listener and teacher. She believes that her life purpose is to help others, and she accomplishes this through her tarot card readings and teachings.




Introduction to Tarot
Dispelling the Myths Surrounding the Tarot
In this 2-hour class, a brief history of the tarot is given and its misconceptions are dispelled. The makeup of the deck and how a reading is performed are covered. What to expect from a reading, as well as what not to expect will be discussed. Each participant will also receive his/her own personal tarot card reading.

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Beginning Tarot (Three Classes)
Starting the Process of Learning to Read the Tarot
The beginning tarot classes consist of a series of three 2-1/2-hour sessions. You will get to know the major arcana and minor arcana cards and learn the qualities and characteristics of each suit. The significance of the Fool’s journey will be explained in depth, as it relates to the life lessons found in the tarot. You will also learn how to develop a proper question, how to interpret the cards, how to choose your own deck and the different spreads. Each participant will receive a notebook in which to start a tarot diary.

Beginning Tarot

Individual Beginner Tarot

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Intermediate Intuitive Tarot (Three Classes)
Continuing the Process of Learning to Read the Tarot
The intermediate and intuitive tarot classes consist of a series of three 2-1/2-hour sessions. These classes set the stage for preparing your intuitive mind and tapping into it. You will examine the rituals and logistics of the tarot reading and learn how to interpret the cards using archetypes, your inner guidance and position in the spread. The Celtic Cross spread will be analyzed in depth.

Intermediate Tarot

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Advanced Intuitive Tarot (Three Classes)
Putting It All Together
The advanced intuitive tarot classes consist of a series of three 2-1/2 hour sessions. You will further develop your gut relationship with the individual cards, access your inner guide and your psychic abilities. You will begin to use pairings, oppositions, enhancements, prevalence and groupings. You will become proficient in personalizing a reading and telling the story to the person receiving the reading.

Advanced Tarot

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Groups of three or more persons
If your group enrolls in all 10 classes, save $50.00! A $350.00 value for only $300.00!

Private Instruction
If you enroll in all 10 classes, save $100.00! A $650.00 value for only $550.00!


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