Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups, Minor Arcana, represents new possibilities and a chance for happiness. Creative ideas and good feelings are flowing. There is an opportunity for a new deep passion to stir or a new loving relationship to blossom (either the romantic or friendship kind). It can also indicate the start of a new project created with a lot of loving energy or even the beginning of a new life. Intuition is high, so allow your psychic abilities to surface. This is a point where your intuition and heart are working together. A new understanding involving your spirituality is revealed to you, which will help you to achieve your dreams.
In this position, the card denotes emotional exhaustion. The spark of creativity is gone and there is a feeling of emptiness ? a physical or mental barrenness. Be careful of friends and lovers ? they might not be who you believe them to be. It may be time for you to let go of an old relationship and make room for a new one. Practice some self-nurturing, which will bring about some type of healing within yourself. You may also find yourself losing faith ? don’t lose sight of it, things will improve.





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