Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, signifies financial prosperity. Perhaps a new job, a raise, an inheritance or a new business venture is on the horizon. It may also signify a change for the better. This may also include some material gains, such as an engagement ring or an unexpected gift. It is also representative of an inner energy that drives you to accomplishment and finding new opportunities. You may have overlooked something, but it is available to you now. This may be the beginning of a successful new venture. It is a time when your plans finally come together. Everything works to your advantage.


This position can suggest financial trouble or that you may come into money, but that it will not bring you happiness. This is a sign that maybe you have put too much emphasis on material gains. The money you have acquired leaves you empty. You are more wrapped up in the fear of losing your material possessions. Your greed and hedonistic behavior has caused disorganization and a failure to move forward. Spirituality has been cast aside for material possessions. Be careful of those that are corrupt in business dealings or individuals who are blocking your progress. You have used money to make yourself feel important and superior to others. Be mindful that the best laid plans often do go awry.






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