Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords card, Minor Arcana, symbolizes thinking clearly. There is a stirring of new emotions, which can represent a breakthrough or a rebirth. It can indicate a double edged sword as you look to find the truth. Your energies will take you in either a positive or possible negative direction. So remember that what goes around comes around. Your successes will come from within. Achievement is in sight.
There is a possible feeling of emptiness and negative forces are working against you, which are beyond your control. You are not thinking clearly or are not understanding what your goals are. Your best laid plans are falling apart. You lack the energy needed to put your plan into action. Quarreling and being argumentative are abreast. Animosities are wearing you down. You might also be facing some legal problems. You may be experiencing a chaotic and uncertain time ? the hole you have dug is too deep, too big and messy. This is a time for self-reflection.



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