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Angel cards, also called oracle cards, are designed as a tool to assist you in communicating directly with the angels and guides who will send you inspiration, comfort, guidance, wisdom and affirmations to assist in your life’s journey. You do not need to be a psychic medium to connect with your angels. All you need to do is ask for their assistance, as they are always around you. Messages from your angels are given in a positive and loving way to give you the strength to make changes and choices in your career, relationships, or in any other aspect of your life in which you need assistance. A misconception exists that angel cards are the same as tarot cards. The only real similarity is that the cards can be laid out into spreads that resemble those used in tarot readings.


When shopping for a deck of angel cards to purchase, it is beneficial if you can view and touch an open sample deck. As you handle the cards, take note of any feelings you get while doing so. The cards do give off energies that flow with your own, and if it is the right deck for you, you should feel a sense of peace and a spiritual connection. The deck should also fit comfortably in your hands and the drawings and affirmations on the cards should speak to you. If not, keep shopping.


Once you have connected with your perfect deck, it is a good idea to cleanse it and add your own vibrational energies to the angelic energies by shuffling the cards. To cleanse the deck you can use a white sage smudgestick or visualize a pure white light shining through each of the cards. (Cleanse your deck after each use to clear the energies of anyone, including you, who may have touched it during the reading and always store it in a cleansed space, in its box, pouch or cloth.) Before beginning a card reading session for yourself or for someone else, it is useful to say a prayer of intention to the angels to give you the proper guidance on your questions. Close your prayer by thanking the angels for whatever assistance they can provide. You might also light candles and burn incense to further encourage communication with the angelic realm and to receive its purity and light.


Shuffle your deck, clear your mind and bring forth a question or an area in which you need counsel. Try to avoid asking direct yes or no questions. The angels prefer to send you broader insights to your inquiries so that you will gain an enhanced perspective about the choices and challenges you may have. You can choose one card that you feel is calling to you or one that perhaps sticks out from the rest, as this could be a sign from your angels. You may also arrange the angel cards in a spread, the most common being the three-card spread, representing the past, present and future. You can also be creative and formulate your own card spreads. Some decks also include a guidebook to interpreting the cards. This can be a good resource; however, as you become more proficient, you will learn to rely more on your intuition for clarity of your readings.


While doing your readings, keep your mind and heart open to all of the positive wisdom and knowledge the cards have to offer. Working with the angel cards will help you to become more aware of your own spirituality, to believe in yourself, to open yourself up to more optimism and happiness, and to realize that you are not alone. When you give angel card readings for other individuals, they will experience the same joy and elation as you have when working with your angels.




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