How do we Perceive Angels?

How Do We Perceive Angels?


Some people regard angels as personal guardians, sentinels of purity that champion truth and justice for the universe, or as messengers from heaven. The real question is: What has been their impact in the daily lives of people from all walks of life and spiritual ideologies?


Since the beginning of time, the thoughts and depictions of angels have captivated and lingered on in the minds and daily lives of civilizations. The most well-known angels identified throughout history are Michael and Gabriel. The angels are assigned many varying duties and universally they are perceived as good, although fallen angels do exist. Some people believe that in past lives, they had been human and had transformed to angel status in the afterlife.


There is plenty of speculation on how the angels came to be; however, in the universal scheme of life this debate becomes less important. The common thread that keeps the concept of them cross-cultural is the role they play as messenger to the masses from a supreme deity.


Throughout history, religious sects have formulated their own ideologies in reference to the existence or characteristics of angels. From Christianity to Judaism and almost all other religious disciplines, the similarities about angels make their existence hard to deny and ever-popular. Also, their descriptions and characteristics have developed through studies of theology and artwork.


Many people claim to have had encounters with angels in a spiritual way and truly believe that the their existence is central to the human condition, because all people are in need of guidance, protection and connection with the spiritual world.


Other popular beliefs have emerged throughout history in many differing cultures. Facts about angels are as important to us as our understanding of faith. Whether or not you believe in the existence of angels, one thing is true ? the angels have occupied an historic place of distinction cross-culturally since the beginning of time.


Angels continue to provide solace, love, spirituality and a connection to the collective universe. To learn more about angels and to find your personal birth angel, visit our Angel Room.



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