Animal Totem Meditation

Finding your animal totem is an exercise in relaxation, patience and endurance. For many people, an animal totem meditation can produce results very easily. However, for others it is a difficult process that may take multiple sessions. Before you begin this exercise, take a look at what you may already know about animals that have surrounded you. Ask the following questions: What animals have you encountered in your life? Which animals have you been attracted since childhood? Are there any animals that cause you fear?


To begin the meditation, find a comfortable place where there are little or no distractions. This is important so that you can stay focused. The first step is to concentrate on your breathing. Start to breathe at a slow pace. Inhale through your nose, hold it for several seconds and exhale through your mouth, slowly. Try to hold your breath for at least four to six seconds and exhale at that same rate. Continue this until it starts to feel comfortable and relaxing. As you are doing this, imagine that you are breathing in positive energies and exhaling negative energies. Keep breathing this way.


Call upon your personal mantra: a combination of sounds, words or a single phrase, either spoken out loud or internalized silently, that helps you quiet the unwanted chatter in your mind and keep you focused. If you find that you are drifting away from your focus, keep repeating the mantra and concentrate on your breathing.


The next step is to imagine you are in the largest woods or forest you have ever seen. In your mind, listen for the sounds and breathe in the smells that nature has to offer. Visualize all of the different birds, insects, reptiles and animals that might be there.


You have come upon a long, meandering path in front of you. Stare down this path. Feel the essence of the forest. Down this path you might see an animal. This is a totem. Let go of any fears or past memories about this animal you may have. If it is a past pet, express your feelings of love. This totem is going to possibly lead you down another path in your life. Try to understand what this animal may be trying to convey to you. Look at its behaviors and attributes. Try to identify with any or all of them. This animal will lead you in a direction you may have been thinking about going or perhaps awaken you to other choices available to you.


You may meet several different animals on this path, each one with their own messages that are important at that time in your life. They will help guide you during times of need, so pay attention to each one’s characteristics and traits, as well.


Always focus on how you are feeling during this meditation. It is an exercise that will open your mind and allow you to receive help with future goals and choices in your life. It will be necessary for you to practice and repeat this meditation in order to gain its full benefits, so be sure to set aside some quality time for it.

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