Ant Dreams

Ant dreams can symbolize a multitude of meanings. Ants communicate by pheromones, can solve complex problems, find food, build intricate nests and identify predators. They are hard-working creatures with phenomenal strength for their size ? able to carry loads up to 50 times their weight. Because ants are marchers and each ant in the colony has specific duties that they never deviate from, it may be that you are in somewhat of a rebellious state in your waking life when it comes to following the rules. In other words, you are tired of the repetitive and mundane chores of daily life. Ant dreams may also represent that you are carrying the weight of other people?s responsibilities and energies, in deference to your own needs. You may be struggling to put your own needs first for a change. One consensus is that ants are bothersome in our waking life (especially at picnics), so when analyzing your dream about ants, also try to uncover someone or something that might be bothersome or gnawing at you in your daily life.



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