Astrology readings provide insight into the past, present and future and can be used as a guide for your daily life. The astrologer uses your birth date and its corresponding zodiac sign, along with the positions of the sun, planets, stars and moon to give you an accurate reading. There are 3 main branches of astrology: Western, Chinese and Vedic. Most ancient cultures believed there was a connection between their lives and the positions of the sun, planets, moon and stars; however, there is not one clear origin of astrology. Early civilizations used the stars to time their agricultural planting. As time went on and the study of these celestial bodies became more sophisticated, events were tied to their positions. The oracles started recording events, and then used the planet positions to predict the future or generate prophesies. Astrology fell out of favor as science continued to develop. It had a slight resurgence in eighteenth century England. Today, astrology readings are very popular.

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