Bug Dreams

Bug dreams or insect dreams are usually symbolic of something that is taking place in your waking life, particularly in the areas of relationships, career, workplace and social interactions.


Although you may have an aversion to some of these creepy crawly creatures in your waking life, you should pay careful attention to what they represent to your subconscious mind during your dream. Think of a bug dream as a message sent to you about how to solve a problem you might be having, something you need to deal with or a goal you would like to accomplish.


Bugs all have their own unique traits and “jobs” within their societies. They have survived, evolved and adapted for millions of years. Although we like to think of the human race as the most intelligent species, insects are truly their own success and survival story. To interpret bug dreams, think about the duties and accomplishments of the bug you dream about and also the aspects you might find irritating about them. Listed below are some common bugs that show up in dreams and the messages they might be sending to you about yourself in your daily life.




Dreaming about ants can symbolize a multitude of meanings. Ants communicate by pheromones, can solve complex problems, find food, build intricate nests and identify predators. They are hard-working creatures with phenomenal strength for their size; able to carry loads up to 50 times their weight. Because ants are marchers and each ant in the colony has specific duties that they never deviate from, it may be that you are in somewhat of a rebellious state in your waking life when it comes to following the rules. In other words, you are tired of the repetitive and mundane chores of daily life. Ants in your dream may also represent that you are carrying the weight of other people’s responsibilities and energies, in deference to your own needs. You may be struggling to put your own needs first for a change. One consensus is that ants are bothersome in our waking life (especially at picnics), so when analyzing your dream about ants, also try to uncover someone or something that might be bothersome or gnawing at you in your daily life.



Bees are definitely dominated by their Queen, so the dream might indicate that you harbor a resentment toward someone you believe is holding you back, dominating you, or it might signal your desire for equality in a relationship. Most types of bees live in a very orderly society within their colony. Their work is solely for the survival of the community. They communicate by using pheromones and dances to signal if there is a threat to the hive, to help the Queen find her mates and to locate food sources. Because the bee is such an industrious being, dreaming of bees might point to your ability to stay steadfast on a project or commitment. To make 1 pound of honey, they have to visit approximately 2,000,000 flowers. Or on the other hand, it might signify that you are overworked or overstressed in your waking life. Bee dreams may also symbolize that you will become prosperous because of your hard work. The bees with stingers will defend the hive and the Queen to the death. For that reason your bee dream might represent a fear you have of something going on in your waking life or something that you are desperately trying to protect yourself or another individual from.



As mysterious as the butterfly is in life, when she appears in your dream it can seem just as illusive. Dreaming of the beautiful butterfly represents a time of change or that you are going through some type of transition in life, just as the butterfly goes through a metamorphosis in its lifetime, from caterpillar to winged beauty. A transformation could be happening to you, as well as a period of great creativity. The butterfly flies around flitting freely from flower to flower in search of nectar. Thus, your dream may also indicate that you are harboring a feeling of being tied down in your waking life, that there is something you need to break away from, or discovering new avenues. Subconsciously you have a need for change and freedom or you may be flying away from a current situation. Butterflies rely on their senses, they taste with their feet, can see some ultraviolet colors that are invisible to the human eye, yet are nearsighted beyond 10 to 12 feet. Your butterfly dream may be telling you to trust your intuition, you might be sensing something that you cannot directly “see”, but you know it is there and it is drawing you in. Butterflies are also a symbol of spirituality, which could indicate that you might be on some sort of spiritual journey.



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