Candle Color Therapy

Candles have been lighting the way for thousands of years, being used by nearly all religions, cultures and individuals. They are symbols of celebration, mourning, calming, spirituality and the soul. Their power, combined with your own thoughts and desires can have a profound influence in your life and assist you in balancing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Candles also create a meditative and hypnotic mood. The candle flame offers a good focal point for reflection and meditation, as it sends out its own energies. Candle color therapy can be used in many ways ? meditation, Reiki, energy healing, chakra balancing and self-improvement. It can also be used cleansing, healing and strengthening the mind, body and spirit. In any way you choose to use them, the most important goal is to develop a higher awareness and consciousness.


Color choice is of the utmost importance when burning candles because different colors vibrate at varying frequencies. These vibrations converge with your own energies and can assist you in manifesting your desires, balancing your auras and chakras and protecting you from negative energies.


Listed in the chart below are candle colors and their corresponding therapeutic uses. It is advised to use a candle snuffer to put out the flame, because the energy of your breath conflicts with the energy of the flame, which can interrupt and affect the outcome of the candle burning session.

White represents all the colors in unity. It purifies the body, cleanses, protects, gives peace and comfort and enhances spirituality. The smoke from a white candle signifies the clearing of negativity. When it no longer is smoking, the negative energy is gone.


Black is the most powerful, it absorbs and disrupts negative energies and thoughts, used for deep meditation, brings peace and silence. Useful when going through difficult times in relationships and employment. It is even more powerful when burned along with a white candle. Use caution as it can also manifest depression. Offset this by burning a yellow candle.


Red brings about strength, love, passion, sexuality, grounding, psychic protection, healing, attaining ambitions and balances and cleanses the root chakra.




Yellow enhances communication, meditation, clairvoyance, learning, healing, improves memory, mental stimulation, promotes happiness and drives negative energies away and balances and cleanses the solar plexus chakra.





Green promotes healing, stimulates growth, attract money, luck, balancing, calming, protection, confidence, recalling past lives and ailments attached to them, abundance and balances and cleanses the heart chakra.



Orange represents friendship, success, enthusiasm, attraction, vitality and creativity. It soothes shattered nerves, is used for seeking out career or healing treatments and balances and cleanses the sacral, or navel chakra.



Blue brings about forgiveness, healing (especially in children), meditation, calming, centering, peace, resolving spiritual issues, can help with immediate financial needs and balances and cleanses the throat chakra.


Lavender brings about healing, soothing, divine freedom, burns off negative karma from past lives and helps with dream interpretation.


Purple takes away negativity, overcomes obstacles, heightens psychic awareness, helps in contacting the spirit world.


Pink brings about fulfillment, emotional love, affection, joy, sensual pleasure, soul mate attraction and forgiveness of self and others.



Indigo enhances spirituality, intuition, psychic abilities, spiritual healing, after-death communication when burned with a silver candle and balances and cleanses the third eye, or brow chakra.


Peach brings balance, truth, rejuvenation, kindness, sympathy and assists in making someone else’s wishes come true.


Magenta is a magic color, it brings intense spiritual awareness, spiritual healing, assists in making changes and getting fast results and balances and cleanses the crown chakra and helps connect the energy flow between the earth star and the soul star chakras.



Silver brings stability, peace, clear thoughts, persistence, develops psychic abilities, ESP, gets rid of evil. It enhances meditation, awakens intuition, neutralizes unwanted energies or vibrations and balances and cleanses the soul star chakra.



Gold brings unity, good fortune, luck and deep understanding.




Brown removes bad omens, brings about financial success, grounds you to the earth, meditate with it to locate lost items and balances and cleanses the earth star chakra.




Turquoise is good for meditation, creativity, self-awareness, ultimate healing, calming, peaceful and unblocks a cluttered mind.




Darker shaded candles bring in more of the protection powers that the black candle illuminates. Lighter shaded candles enhance the purification powers that the white candle illuminates and helps avoid dishonesty. You can also burn a black or white candle next to another colored candle to achieve the same effects.


Candle Placement


You can also burn more than one candle at a time. There are various placement configurations when using multiple candles. Always light multiple candles in a clockwise direction so that the energy flow is uninterrupted and in a continuous pattern. Each configuration can bring about specific results and changes. Listed below are examples of some of the more common candle configurations.
Triangle ? To overcome inner conflict, enhance creativity and good luck.
Square ? Grounds and stabilizes and helps to enhance compassion, unconditional love and nonjudgmental behavior.
Circle ? The ultimate protection, symbolizes the cycle of life, unity, infinity and deep friendships.
Cross ? To align and balance chakra energies.
Diamond ? Helpful in meditation, harmony in the family and home and can be used to manifest all desires.
Star ? 5-point: Strengthens and heightens spiritual awareness.
6-point: Protects and balances, heals, reconnects the heart chakra to the mind.
7-point: Chakra alignment, healing, self-protection and creates energy, harmony and optimism.

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