Chakra Alignment Meditation

You can develop psychic abilities through meditation. Meditation allows you to clear your mind and focus on your goals. It is important to continually practice meditating.


Once you recognize that you have a keen intuition, you will want to fine-tune it. Psychic development is simply to take your intuitive abilities to the next level. Clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts and focusing on what your intuition is telling you is the key to opening the door to answers.


The best meditation for this is a chakra alignment meditation, which focuses on the body’s seven major chakras. Please visit Psychic Library’s Chakra Room to view the interactive chart and descriptions before beginning the meditation. This will give you a better understanding of its visualizations.


(Note: Before you begin the meditation, you might want to consider loading it into a text to speech reader or record yourself reading the meditation, then listening to it guide you through the steps. A good suggestion is to keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences after meditating. Jot down your feelings and thoughts when you end a meditation session.)


Find a place that is free of noise and distractions. Light a scented candle or a chakra energy candles. Select an image to focus on in your mind. Some people use a mandala, a beautiful set of geometric shapes layered on top of one another. It is essential to lie down flat on your back or sit in a comfortable chair with your feet touching the ground.


Close your eyes and begin to take long, slow deep breath and inhale through your nose. Hold it in for a second and breathe out through your mouth. Imagine you are inhaling a “plus” sign and exhaling a “minus” sign.


You might want to play some soft background music or use a mantra to assist you in quieting your mind. A mantra is a word or short phrase that you repeat to yourself or aloud. This will help shut off unwanted mental chatter.


Continue breathing at this slow, deep pace. Inhale the plus signs. Exhale the minus signs. You are breathing in prana, universal
life-force energy.


Good. Keep breathing at this pace for a while. Do this until you feel a calmness throughout your entire body and mind.


Notice your arms and legs being supported by the bed or chair. Listen to the background music or even a ticking clock. Focus on your mantra. Take in the smell of the candle. Be aware of any good tastes in your mouth and keep it moist.


Start to imagine an escalator moving slowly upward into a multitude of colored mists. Step on the escalator.


As it moves upward, it slows down as it approaches a red colored mist. This red mist represents your root chakra and its energy flowing from the lower part of your body. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are physically grounded and that this energy can flow freely up throughout your whole body.


As the escalator continues to move, the red mist changes to a bright orange mist, which represents your sacral chakra. The mist is flowing from the area of your navel. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are virile and creative. Visualize the energy from the red mist flowing freely into the orange mist.


The next mist is a bright canary yellow, which represents your solar plexus chakra. It emanates from just above your navel. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are disciplined and intuitive. Your gut feelings are real. See the red and orange mists flowing into the yellow.


The escalator now moves toward a bright green mist, which flows from your heart and chest. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. This is the area of your heart chakra. Communicate to yourself that you are loved and that you love unconditionally. Forgiveness allows this energy to move forward.


The mists of red, orange, yellow and green are now connecting to a vivid turquoise/aqua mist. This mist, which represents your
throat chakra, is radiating from your throat. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Express to yourself that you are communicative and creative. Now see all these colors streaming into a mist of indigo.


This indigo colored mist emerges from the brow area above your eyes. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. This is the energy from your third eye or brow chakra, through which you can see beyond the physical world. See it shoot out into the universe. Now reaffirm your wisdom and extrasensory abilities.


Look down the escalator at all the colors aligned together and connecting to a deep violet mist at the top of your head. This is your
crown chakra. Deeply breathe in the Divine violet mist. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you have a greater understanding of your inner and outer self. You are at this moment one with the universe.

You have just completed an alignment of your chakras. This balance is also reflected in your aura. The more balanced and aligned the chakras are, the more vibrant the colors will appear in the human aura. This alignment will be reflected in the vibrant colors of your aura. As you arise from your current position, reflect on the feelings that you have experienced. Repeat this exercise multiple times. Eventually, you will start to get a stronger connection to your psychic self. If you encounter disarray in life, this meditation will help you to achieve self-balance, which, in turn, smooths your journey of developing your psychic abilities.




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