Devil Card



The Devil tarot card is often misunderstood, primarily because the Devil is involved. It is not directly representative of evil. It can relate to a person’s focus on material possessions and physical appearance. A hopeless and helpless feeling can surround this card. You are tricked into feeling possessed, as if by a hidden force, which is causing harmful and negative thoughts and behaviors. You have an addiction or obsession to obtain earthly desires. You are willing to take any measures to get them. You have become inflexible and obsessed. The spiritual side of life is neglected because of the attachment to the physical world. There is a desire for material things and a selfish presence. This is adversely affecting you and your relationships. Unwanted actions and self-bondage to something are often experienced, which hinder personal growth or health. You are unwilling to accept responsibility for your negative actions. As the saying goes, “The Devil made me do it.”


In the reversed position, the Devil card can signify divorce and detachment. It can also represent total evil, greed, or emotional blackmail. You are your own worst enemy and you have put yourself into an emotional imprisonment. You may be overindulging yourself and have been gluttonous and greedy, but there is a hefty price to pay. You have been abusing yourself and others for too long. You have put blinders on and have been unable to see your weaknesses and those of others. On the positive side, it can indicate overcoming adversity or enlightenment. Confront your demons head on. It is also a time for making apologies, where appropriate. You may also find that you are released from bondage to material possessions and from being an emotional hostage. New views about your place in the Universe may be revealed.

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