Five of Pentacles


Five of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, indicates money troubles. There has been a mismanagement or a misappropriation of your funds. You may owe considerably more than what you have in the bank. Be careful of your credit cards. This situation can lead to mental strife or ill physical health. There is a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Reflections on the past are causing you to feel empty, sad and lonely. This is the time to look for spiritual answers. Keep the faith that your circumstances will change. Seek out financial opportunities, however, this is not the time for risk taking or leaving your current place of employment. Old ideas of being able to buy love or people no longer apply.


There is hope. Your self-confidence is rebuilding. You have become honest with yourself and have regained your empathy and concern for others. Challenging situations abound for you but as always, hard work will get you through. Your troubles will help you become stronger. This is a time to remember that what goes around comes around. Also, don’t let your pride keep you from seeking help. There is a karmic lesson waiting for you. Look toward the future. You may find that you will regain your wealth, both emotionally and materially. You might receive a grant or monetary gift to give you a little push. It may not come quickly, so you need to be patient. This card may also be a warning about an impending accident, due to the fact that you have not been entirely focused on your goals.


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