Five of Swords

The Five of Swords card, Minor Arcana, represents ambition, but not in a positive way. It is the use of unethical ways to achieve victory. You may be the one who is behaving in this way, but if not, beware of some other individual who is power hungry. You may not care who you have stepped on to obtain success. This behavior has created hostile and strained relationships. Your lack of regard for others feelings has been put aside so that you could come out on top. Previous allegiances are broken due to your abuse of power.
Gossip has taken its toll but the truth will be revealed. There may be an individual who is still present in your life who is preventing you from moving on. You might find this individual is making it difficult for you to pursue a new job or relationship. This person takes pleasure in seeing you stuck. You just need to resolve these toxic relationships. Don’t be afraid to be honest. Keeping yourself open to new ideas and relationships may be a good idea.



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