From the Editor – 2

It is hard to believe that Psychic Library has been up and running for just 10 weeks. To date, we have had a record number of site visitors. And as they were visiting, we were busy adding more and more content. Thank you to the newly formed Psychic Library community for supporting of our efforts and welcome to the Channeler ? Issue 2.


First things first, we would like to congratulate Jodi S. on winning the $25 Amazon gift card in our first contest. We are pleased to announce that the prize for the current contest is an Amazon Kindle Fire, valued at $199. So, enter for a chance to win this great item!


We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know what has been going on behind the scenes. One of our goals at the onset of this venture has been to continually add new content in order to bring our site visitors up-to-date, interesting, engaging and entertaining new information.


For example, we have updated the Learning Room to include free tools to help you develop your own innate psychic abilities, which we all have the potential to discover.


We now have a section devoted to tarot card descriptions, which lists each card and its upright and reversed position meanings. This new section can be found in the Oracle Room, or by clicking here. ?


Our Aura Room contains detailed information about the seven layers of the aura and how to learn aura sensing. The Chakra Room is showcasing Psychic Library produced videos on the seven major chakras.


Check out Newsworthy from time to time. If you missed the Anderson Cooper interview of psychic medium John Edward, you can access the full episode there.


We encourage you to submit an article for publication and welcome any suggestions for future topics. We hope you return to the site often and watch us grow. And most of all, have a wonderful Holiday season!



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