From the Editor – 4

Psychic Library has been up to quite a lot since the last issue of the Channeler. Our content continues to expand; in fact, so much so that we have added two new rooms to the library.


When you have a chance, please visit the new Superstition Room and Dreaming Room. In the Superstition Room, you will find explanations and origins of some common superstitions. The Dreaming Room deals with dream analysis and dream interpretation, and explains some of the types of? dreams that many people experience in their lives. Both rooms will continually be updated and expanded with more relevant information. We had some fun with the superstitions, and made a short video about them. Go to the bottom of the News Room Homepage of this issue to view it.


Donnie and I attended the John Edward performance at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ, on March 3rd. It was quite an emotional experience for the entire audience, especially when he honed in on a very tragic occurrence for one family. However, we did find that he talked quite a lot about his own family interactions with the other side, especially when his mother passed away and how his mediumship evolved. We felt that more time could have been devoted to answering audience questions. In fact, here is bit of advice. If you do go to see him, come prepared with some written questions, as those individuals seemed to be chosen from the audience. But, all in all, John Edward is probably one of the best mediums alive today.


If you have had any experiences with renowned psychics, good or bad, please let us know. Psychic Library is happy to publish your opinions.


Enjoy the latest issue. As always, your feedback is welcome.