From The Editor

What?s on my mind? Better still, what?s on yours?


We are pleased to concurrently launch and present the Psychic Library Channeler? bimonthly e-newspaper and the website Speaking on behalf of the two entities (as the editor of both), ?Welcome.? It is the hope and the challenge that Psychic Library will appeal to a broad audience ? those who already know about the metaphysical realm, those who are curious and those who are skeptical. We are here to provide information, news and entertainment on topics ranging from alternative medicine to the zodiac. We want to engage our readers and visitors, and encourage a respectful dialog. So, what is on my mind in writing this first column is how can we gain a loyal and diverse audience and provide meaningful content to sustain our presence in the realm?


In order to gain insight into how we at Psychic Library can achieve our goals, it brings me to the second question: What is on your mind? Please drop us a line, suggest a new word for our glossary in the Reference Room, share your paranormal experiences in our Conference Room, submit an article for publication in the e-newspaper, enter our ongoing contests or give us feedback. We welcome it all, and hope you will become an active participant at and a contributor to the Psychic Library Channeler.


Thanks for channeling!



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