Ghost Dreams



Ghost dreams can have many different symbolic meanings, depending on what is happening in your waking life. A common reason for a ghost to appear in your dream is that you may be feeling detached and separate from those around you or not as fully engaged in life as you want to be. You could be feeling stuck in a current situation, or have unresolved issues with others or in your own pursuits. A dream ghost may also symbolize that it is time for you to move forward either in a job, relationship or some other situation in your waking life.

Fear is another reason that a ghost or demon can appear in your dreams. It may be a warning to flee from certain people or situations in your life, or be a warning of imminent danger to you or others close to you. Ghosts may also signify characteristics of your own persona that you dislike, yet are fearful of changing. They can represent your inability to communicate your true feelings, either positive or negative. Also, to let go of the past, or to confront issues you have suppressed or that have been haunting you in your waking life. So it is time to take action and move toward positive changes for the better. These dreams can also be recurring, at least until the issues they are related to get resolved.


If you have been ill or surrounded by others suffering an illness, ghosts appearing in your dreams may indicate your own fears about death and dying.


If your dream ghosts are people you have known and lost, it can indicate a number of things. The meaning is dependent on the relationships you had with them when they were alive. For example, it can represent guilt feelings you are harboring because you did not have proper closure or unresolved issues of anger at someone. However, these ghosts could be trying to send you a message or trying to let you know that everything is beautiful on the other side.


Certainly, ghosts can be unnerving for whatever reason they pop into our dreams. Keep in mind that they also just might be the result of watching a scary movie or one of the many paranormal and ghost hunting programs on television.


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