Judgement Card



The Judgement card embodies those forces that require you to be accountable for your actions. Truths are revealed, mysteries are unraveled and responsibility is assigned. Judgement unveils outcomes and marks the end of things. While this is a time to properly place guilt, it is also a time for atonement and forgiveness. Ultimately, the process of judgment should lead to freedom from errors made in the past and a fresh start with a clean slate. To that end, the Judgement card actually promises the start of a new journey on which you can apply what you have learned from your past. This is a good time for a career change. You are on the verge of making a most important decision. A positive outcome is imminent. The card is also an indication of a spiritual awakening, which will positively effect your mind, body and spirit. You will obtain a clearer meaning to your life’s purpose. You will take great joy in your accomplishments and experience clear thinking, which will bring on positive changes and a personal rebirth and growth.

In the reversed position, the Judgement card can signify ill health, a fear of death, loss, failure to find happiness, change and denial. The card indicates that it is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Your self-condemnation will bring you nothing. Self-doubt, shame and guilt are unfounded and are holding you back. This is the time to move on from a bad choice you have made. The reality of the need to change causes unnecessary fear. However, that fear is holding you back from releasing yourself from these negative situations. You are using your spirituality as an avoidance to grounding yourself in the real world. Brace yourself from unwanted repercussions. In fact, watch your back, there may be someone out for revenge. Half measures avail you nothing. There is the possibility of legal actions not working in your favor. This is not the time for hasty judgments of yourself or others. It is the time to take stock of your life and make plans for your future using new ideas and environments. You may have confrontations in business and relationships because you have been pointing the finger at others, when you should have been pointing it at yourself.


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