Justice Card



The Justice card signifies the principle that although things sometimes seem askew, the Universe is ultimately fair. You may not see or understand why things happen, but most people sense there is in fact a reason why, and balance exists even when you cannot see it. Justice denotes fairness and arbitration, regardless of who you are. At its purest, the forces embodied by Justice give you the power to see without bias and the courage to be accountable for your actions. This is a time to reflect on your decisions and actions and also to be aware of their long-term consequences. More importantly, you cannot be honest with others until you are honest with yourself. Be wary of those who have dishonest intentions toward you. Make sure that you are not acting in this way, as well. Faith will be tested at times. You have the tools and strength to fight injustice in your everyday life. All you have to do is use them. This card may indicate that there could be a legal settlement or decision, such as a divorce or financial litigation. Expect a fair judgment. If you have lied or deceived others, justice will prevail, and most likely, not in your favor.

In the reversed position, the Justice card signifies unfairness, intolerance, conflict and dishonesty. Bias has a tendency to get in the way of fairness. Perhaps you will have a problem or confusion with a legal matter, unfinished business or documents. Avoid confrontations at this time. There could be a delay in a settlement due to corruption and deception. However, you must accept the consequences of your actions because once again, what goes around comes around. That is the law of karma. However, this card may be indicating that somebody around you has been taking advantage. There may be slanderous accusations made. This is the time to accept that things might not be going your way. But try to see and trust the big picture.


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