King of Pentacles


King of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, indicates a loyal, stable and successful leader. It represents a mature? man who is very gifted, yet modest and humble. Everything that he gets involved with becomes very successful. This is an indication of a confident and even-tempered individual, but it may be hard to get close to him. However, he can be counted on. The card may also mean you or someone you encounter is quite wise when it comes to financial matters. The card can symbolize prosperity. It can be an indication that a promotion or a new position may be opening up for you in your career. You have a good spiritual connection and are keenly aware of what is right and wrong.


This card indicates that money is not everything. You may be materialistic and overdoing it in your life. It can represent someone who has no regard for other people’s feelings. By putting material goods first, there is a tendency to be a bit unethical. This could be referring to you or someone else who is in your life. This may indicate an individual who does not have your best interests at hand. Do not be surprised that this may involve ruthless behavior. Be wary of someone who has no business acumen but who is always trying to score the big bucks or the sure thing. He most likely is gambling with other people’s money. There is a tendency toward illegal dealings. Also, this is an indication that money is more important than a loving relationship.