King of Wands

King of Wands card, Minor Arcana, represents fairness, honor and someone who is nonpartisan. Creativity is not at the forefront, but you have the ability to lead many different types of people and are a great visionary. Problem solving has taken center stage. People gravitate around you naturally, which helps you achieve your goals. Also, your romantic and passionate side is glowing. You have reached many goals. People look to you for leadership and you are a good judge of character and situations. Be careful not to throw your weight around and find a softer approach to getting what you want.
Your conceitedness pushes people away. You have a tendency to be greedy, ruthless and have unreasonable expectations, at times. Your misuse of power has manifested itself. These tendencies are not intentional, you might not even be aware of their severity. This card may also indicate that you have set unrealistic goals for yourself. The lack of accomplishments may not be your own doing. Others may be involved in holding you back. This is a time to look at your friendships and to be less harsh on them and yourself.


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