Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands card, Minor Arcana, signifies new ideas and the action of making them realized. The Knight has a lack of fear and simply charges forward without regard to the consequences. A new spark of energy has emerged. The time to put new ideas into action is here. You could be also embarking on a new path. It is time to start a new project and put your creativity to work. However, watch out for too much impulsiveness.
It is possible that someone you think you know is not telling you the truth. Feelings of anger and impatience can get in your way, as you feel you are not getting immediate gratification for something. It also indicates the loss of control over situations and the powerlessness you feel. Be careful of being too pessimistic and judging yourself too harshly. You are not looking toward the future and you have chosen not to recognize potential consequences. You might be acting impulsively and not thinking of the consequences. However, with positive and thoughtful consideration, you will regain control of your life.



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