Lost Dreams

Lost dreams and dreams about searching for lost objects or not being able to find your way back are common in all age groups. These dreams have much to do with insecurities, frustrations or losses in your waking life. This type of dream may also be an indication that you are fearful of being unable to attain set goals for the future. It could also mean that you do not any have defined goals and have been procrastinating. Feelings of anxiety about a new job, a move to another location and fitting in socially or an impending deadline set either by someone else or yourself may trigger these dreams.
If you dream about someone other than yourself becoming lost, it may be that in your waking life you feel confused, disconnected or estranged in some way from that individual. You may also be hesitant about following them down a path you are unfamiliar with. Another reason may be that you are harboring negative feelings or doubt regarding a relationship with this lost individual.
Dreaming of lost objects usually is an indication that there is something in your waking life that you have in fact lost. It may even represent a part of yourself that has disappeared due to unwanted concessions you have made in your personal or business affairs.
Some psychologists equate these types of dreams with new beginnings and change, and the fear of letting go of the familiar in certain areas of your life.
When evaluating these dreams, determine any losses you may have felt or experienced in your waking life. From those situations, you may discover that you have some buried feelings that have resurfaced. This might be the time to face them, and if you do, these dreams will begin to fade.




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