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Maggie Bohning has been a tarot reader for Psychic Library for more than two years; however, she has been reading tarot cards for 60 years. Not only does she give tarot readings, she teaches a series of tarot classes for us here in the Phoenix-metro area.
Maggie comes from a multigenerational family of psychics. She has had many psychic experiences throughout her life, and she receives spiritual messages through all of the “clairs” (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.). However, she finds herself most comfortable using the tarot cards to help her focus on the messages she receives. The cards “talk” to her and can relate messages and information on love, relationships, career, money and health, as well as on other important issues requiring guidance. Maggie has her degree in psychology and has worked as an EMT and in the healthcare profession. She is a compassionate listener and believes that her life purpose is to help others. She accomplishes this through her tarot card readings.

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I am so fortunate and blessed that the tarot cards speak to me. I truly believe that the reason for this is the personal relationship I developed with the cards at a very young age ? they were my early childhood friends.


Immediately when I lay out the cards for a reading, they start giving me signals. Often, they will go to great lengths to be heard. They may purposely jump out of the deck while it is being shuffled, or do somersaults and end up in the reversed position in the spread.


The cards use actual words when they want to relay a message that is different from their traditional meanings. When the cards speak, Italkingcard am told why they are showing up ? and it is usually not because of the interpretation that is written in a tarot guidebook. They may tell me that they are just there to support another card and want to make sure that I address an important issue during the reading. Many times, a particular card gives me phrases that I would never normally use while speaking. Then the card says to me, ?Just use my words! Say what I say. Just say it! Say it again, I don’t think the person has gotten the message yet.”


Often when I think a reading is finished, a card in the deck might say, “There’s still more to be said, so let me be heard. It’s important.” Other times, a card shouts, “Pay attention to me,” or ?Hey, listen to me,? which means to me that I am expected to use the interpretation of what it traditionally represents in the deck. Many times, a number of cards will talk at the same time. If I start with one card, another might say, “No! Me first!? ? and given my years of experience with the tarot cards, I most definitely oblige!




For information on scheduling a reading with Maggie,
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Tarot Reading

PARTIES & EVENTS – 2 hr. min

calendartarotreadingWould you like to find out what is in store for you in the upcoming year? A 12-month tarot reading will give you insights and awareness about what lies ahead. This special tarot spread uses the entire deck of tarot cards to reflect the next 12 months, reveal details of what awaits during the four consecutive seasons and provide a current snapshot for the day of the reading. This spread can be initiated on any day of the year and makes a wonderful gift for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or even business planning and start-ups.
Please allow up to two hours or more to complete the reading.


12-Month Tarot Reading






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