Doorway to Psychic Abilities


First, let us define intuition. It is your awareness of a fact or reality that is not related to any usual reasoning power or logical assumption. It is an insight about events that may or may not take place. It surpasses logic and is more than an educated guess. Intuition is your internal communication system and is on call at any moment.


Intuition is not one of the five senses ? there is another sense. It is the sixth sense and everybody has it. Some people are more in tune with it than others. Can you remember a time when you told yourself ?I had a feeling this would have happened?? Or, perhaps you were thinking about a friend you hadn?t talk to in some time and you call them and some major event took place in their life. Have you ever envisioned a certain person and a specific situation they would become involved in and the outcome was exactly as you predicted? If you think hard enough, you can probably remember at least one occurrence like these.


This is the start of basic intuition. Intuition is not learned. It is acquired through past experiences, current events and a natural instinct. Somehow all of this information is bundled and stored in our bellies, our gut. Yes, the gut.


We all get a gut feeling about something or someone at one time or another. You may meet someone and have a gut feeling about that person, either good or bad. Your gut tells you that this person has some of the same behaviors or characteristics as someone you already know.


Usually, a well-dressed individual with a large home gives you the visual impression that he is well to do. However, your gut may be saying that this individual is struggling to maintain a lifestyle he cannot afford. You should trust your gut. Don?t let your visual impression get in the way of your gut feeling. Do some detective work and there is a good chance you are correct.


You then begin to spontaneously download messages or red flags into your head about the person, as quickly as an update of your computer?s software. Within seconds, you sense the outcome (good or bad) of any future relationship with this newfound individual. Is this your basic intuition or is there something else at work here as well?


One type of insightfulness is related to your ?third eye,? also known as the ?brow chakra,? which is located between the eyes. Chakra is a Sanskrit term that translates as ?wheel? or ?spinning wheel.? The concept of the chakra originated from Hindu writings and medical practices.


However, our bodies contain seven major chakras. Most psychics maintain that the alignment and balance of these chakras is of the utmost importance in the ability to receive messages from some form of Divine messenger. Any blockage can interfere with the connectedness with the Divine and their abilities seem to falter. Free-flowing energy through these chakras is the major force in clairvoyance, which means clear seeing.


Clairvoyance, also known as ?second sight,? is the ability to see things that are not visible in the physical world. So going back to the situation in which you had envisioned something happening to someone, did you only think it could happen or did you actually see it visually in your mind? If you have some clairvoyant abilities, more than likely you have both.


Another type of the awareness may be that you are sensing a person?s aura. The aura is a multilayered, oval energy field that we all have that surrounds our bodies. This multicolored field contains information about a person?s emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The aura vibrates at different frequencies. If you are sensitive to these vibrations you might say ?I get good or bad vibes from this person?. Actually, your intuition is being more psychically in tuned and sensitive. This is known as clairsentience, which means clear feeling.


You are now one step closer to developing your psychic abilities. This does not mean you are ready to do psychic readings, but you are on the right path. The combination of connecting your intuition to the visions you see in your mind takes practice.


Many methods are available to enhance your abilities. You can start by keeping a journal to grade your accuracy. Meditation, especially ones that help with the chakra balancing is very important. It helps you to stay focused and clear your mind of uninvited thoughts. Speak with other psychics and listen to what they have done to develop and improve their own abilities. There is also a whole world of information for your taking. Once you make a commitment to this journey, you have opened the doorway to developing your psychic abilities.


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