Past Life Regression

Past life regression is the act of tapping into the many past lives of your soul and identifying the challenges you might have experienced during those incarnations. Doing this can shed light on your specific issues and provide you with a more problem-free future. Many people repress their thoughts and emotions, which only keeps them stuck in their lives. Through past life regression, your previous behavioral patterns and situations are revealed, and you can then have a good chance to redirect your current path. It is all about knowing and learning your true self so that you can enhance the future in this life and in those lives yet to come.



The use of hypnosis is the most common method for conducting a past life regression. This is done while you are lying on a couch or in a comfortable position, and a series of questions are posed. Those questions address memories of your past and the experiences that may determine how your character has evolved into what it is now.


Additionally, hypnosis therapy for memory recovery uses the technique of asking misleading questions. By mixing up the dates and facts of events that have occurred in your previous lives, you may make corrections to the statements, which give validity to the process.


Remember that this process may take several sessions. Also, you must prepare yourself in advance to handle any adverse or negative experiences you might have encountered in a past life that will be revealed in the sessions.



If you find out that certain events in a past life occurred during a specific time in history, it is a good idea to check other resources such as books, encyclopedias and the web for accuracy. Though dates and actual sequences of events may vary, one source may have a more accurate account that aligns with your personal historic account.



It is human nature to want to have the answers to the ?why?s? in your life. The ?why?s? most of the time refer to people, animals and places. For example, you may ask: Why am I attracted to certain types of people?; Why do I fear spiders?; or Why am I afraid of heights? Through past life regression therapy you learn to decipher the events and encounters that created your current phobias and present attractions.


In conclusion, this therapy cannot change what has happened in your past lives, but it can make your present life more understandable. With an understanding of reincarnation and karma, which follows you throughout all of your lives, you can get a better grasp on how to accept past behaviors, how to correct current ones, and hopefully, how you can create a better future.





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