Pet Zodiac Libra

LIBRA (Sep 23- Oct 22)



Libra pets are extremely good looking and they know it. They are also quite flirtatious and use their wiles to get what they want. Just as the scales that Libra holds tip, so do the moods of our Libra pet. They might appear lazy, however; they are merely trying to figure out what to do next. Most likely, the decision-making will be left to you. But if you become sluggish, they can get impatient.


Libra pets like to tag along. They have a need to stay close. They like to mingle with other people and their pets. At times though, they may poke their nose up at anything or everyone. They can also be very vocal. All in all, they are loving and loyal and can share their affections freely with many.
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus


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