Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups, Minor Arcana, is a happy and balanced card. This card might represent you or perhaps another person, male or female. The Queen is artistic, creative, nurturing, intuitive and feminine. She often represents a healer, adviser and someone who uses psychic abilities. She is not one to hamper creativity in others. She is one to know what is ailing you before you even speak. She is wise and she has answers. She also has strong intuition and is able to be empathetic. Maturity is one of the qualities depicted in this card. However, she does not always work to her full potential. She loves deeply, putting her partner before herself. She has a soft spot for children and animals and is very nurturing. You will have an opportunity to make stronger bonds in relationships. Joy in your accomplishments is on its way. You may find this is achieved with the positive energies from people you have surrounded yourself with. With respect to relationships, your energies are focused and heading in the right direction. This is a time for you to trust your inner voice.


The Queen is so emotionally influenced that it affects her personality negatively. She can also have long-lasting emotional scars that have eroded her self-esteem. She is inefficient, unstable and lacks vitality. Either you or someone in your life is out of touch with reality and cannot be trusted. You are not one to be depended upon to finish what you start. Your reliability is questionable. You have a tendency to be moody and your behavior is not to be trusted. There is also a tendency to talk about others without regard to their feelings. Your moodiness pushes people away. Children are nothing but a nuisance, you to not have the ability guide and nurture. You have lost your patience. Your behaviors are frustrating others due to your procrastination. You or someone at this time can only deal with the superficial. This card may also indicate that you may encounter an untrustworthy woman who is bitter, cold and calculating.



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