Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, is kind, loving and motherly. It also may represent a mother figure in your life. The Queen does cherish the finer luxuries in life. She is shrewd in business. She is sensual and open with her feelings. Her keen business sense and her organizational abilities serve her well. She works hard at everything, feeling that it will benefit her in the future. The card also indicates that you are independent, yet you are able to offer nurturing to others. You are able to take care of her commitments and those family and friends who need her support.
You may be putting your career or material possessions ahead of the love and attention your family needs from you. The Queen has suffered a traumatic childhood and she may be harboring insecurities, which have turned her into a self-centered woman. She also is jealous, envious and suspicious of others, but underneath it all she may just feel empty and alone. She is totally focused on material possessions. She is alone and her only focus is to reach the top no matter who she tramples on to get there. Money in the bank is more important than friendship. She is an individual who tries to buy anybody to protect herself. This individual is grandiose.? This card may also refer to someone who is causing strife in your social life and she is manipulating others to thwart your plans.





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