SAGITTARIUS? November 22 – December 21




Optimistic, Freedom-Loving, Jovial, Good-Humored, Honest, Straightforward, Intellectual and Philosophical

Blindly Optimistic, Careless, Irresponsible, Superficial, Tactless and Restless


While Sagittarians are the nomads of the Zodiac, they do not wander aimlessly. They are seekers of the truth and will go anywhere and talk to anyone for answers to their questions. Knowledge and wisdom drive them and provide the energy for their liberal approach to life. Sagittarians are drawn to the philosophical and spiritual because these subjects provide answers to the questions that burn inside them.


Sagittarians are the intellectuals of the Zodiac. They are lucid thinkers who appreciate others agreeing with their conclusions. Sometimes they are so confident their deductions are beyond dispute they become dogmatic and argumentative. Still, the Sagittarian quest for information drives them to listen to anyone and absorb what they find useful and quickly disregard the rest.


It is the nature of Sagittarians to roam freely. If they feel intellectually or physically restricted they may become bad-tempered very quickly. When Sagittarians are given the freedom they need they are kind, optimistic, lucky and not afraid of taking an occasional risk. They are also a charming lot who can be self-indulgent procrastinators. Overall, Sagittarians allowed the freedom they need are a delight to be around.


Because Sagittarius is a fire sign, they like to be active and sometimes do things without thinking. However, when they follow their heart, their psychic abilities will be activated.


Lucky Numbers:

9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54

Planet: Jupiter

Star Stone: Topaz

Element: Fire

Tarot Card: Temperance

Most Compatible With: Aries or Leo


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