Seven Layers of the Aura

The seven layers of the aura, also known as the subtle bodies, hold different forms of information. These layers correspond to the chakras. The energies from the chakras produce the auras. Physical, emotional and spiritual health affect the size of the aura. These auric layers expand and contract depending on those factors.


The first field is known as the etheric aura. It vibrates closely to the physical body. This field holds information about your physical health. Its colors are shades of blue and 1-1/4 inch to 2 inches outward. A person reading this field may feel physical pain or sensations of pleasure.


The emotional layer of the aura extends about one to three inches from the body. This is the field that holds emotions and feelings. The colors are usually a bright rainbow combination. When negative feelings and emotional blocks are present, this field can appear somewhat muddied. Problems in this aura will have a negative impact at some point in the first and third layers.


The mental, or third layer, of the aura can extend anywhere from three to eight inches from the body. It contains your ideas, thoughts and mental processes. Usually, bright shades of yellow are associated with this layer.


The astral layer, the fourth level, spreads out about one foot. It represents a bridge to your spiritual realm and is also the doorway to the astral plane. If your spiritual health is good, the colors are vibrant and reflect that of a rainbow.


The fifth layer, the etheric template, protrudes about two feet outward. Within this field, there is a blueprint that contains all the forms of the physical world. Because of the negative space it creates, colors can vary.


The celestial aura, or sixth field, can extend up to two and a half feet. This level is connected to the spiritual realm. Communication with those in the spiritual realm takes place here, along with unconditional love and feelings of ecstasy. The colors that appear are a brighter shimmering light in a multitude of opalescent pastel colors.


The ketheric template, or seventh layer, can extend to over three feet. This field surrounds all of the other layers and holds them together. It vibrates at the highest frequencies and is composed of threads of bright shining gold color. It reflects all the experiences and events that your soul has undergone. It is your link to the Divine and becoming one with the universe.


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