Seven of Cups


Seven of Cups, Minor Arcana, signifies an abundance of choices in your life. You are so distracted by the choices that they are clouding your judgment. You need to dissect them and think through each one individually in order to make the best choice. But be cautious, as things are not always what they seem. What you might think is the best idea today, may create chaos in the future. Don?t let your daydreams, pipe dreams, illusions and fears delude you. If you do, you will never realize your full potential or the future you envision for yourself. It is time to bring yourself back into the real world. Although dreams are beautiful diversions, they cannot create tangible results.


Self-delusion is at its peak with this card. Living in a dream world or escaping by using drugs or alcohol seems like a solution. You may not have explored all avenues in the real world. You must ground yourself and remember fantasies are fantasies and reality is reality. Once you have accomplished that, your goals have a better chance of being met, however, don’t let others or outside influences distract you. If you are only focused on your success, you run the risk of becoming spiritually bankrupt. Learn to trust your intuition and do not deny your gut feelings.




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