Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands card, Minor Arcana, is a card of valor. You are trying to prove yourself to people who don’t really matter. Your energies will get you closer to your dreams, but you need to stay focused. At this point you may feel that you are on your own. You may be wondering what has happened to those who have helped you before. Don’t get caught up in this. What you are feeling now is soon to change. Keep an eye out for your competition. This may be tiresome, however draw from your inner strength and you will be victorious.
You are the one holding yourself back. Insecurity could be your worst enemy. Listen to people who encourage you. This is not the time to doubt your strengths. Don’t minimize your talents or strengths: they brought you to this point. There are those waiting to catch you off guard. Your fear of failure is unfounded.


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