Six of Cups

The Six of Cups, Minor Arcana, signifies nostalgia ? revisiting memories of events and people from the past. It is healthy to revisit your past so you can understand yourself in the here and now. However, don’t retreat into those happier memories to escape the present challenges you may be facing. This card also symbolizes the childhood innocence and naivete you once had, which can indicate your detachment from adult responsibility or your longing for the safety and security of childhood. You may have blinders on when in comes to a relationship ? business or personal. Childhood friends might positively influence your future. There might also be a physical trip down memory lane ? a visit to your old stomping grounds. Perhaps you will reconnect with an old acquaintance.


Living too much in the past and/or for the past, and harboring bad memories or events is blocking your progress. Because of this you can be missing out on new opportunities and relationships. You might see your past experiences in one light, while others may see it quite differently. These sad memories are filling you head with negativity in the present. Give yourself a fresh start and put those negative memories behind you. Stop the flow of bad energy. This can also symbolize that you suffered some form of abuse as a child and you are having difficulty letting go of those memories. You might find yourself in some form of a support group. It may be a sign of fertility problems, difficulty with an adoption or disciplinary problems with a child. You may be harboring anger and frustration because you did not realize your childhood dreams.





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