Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is all about generosity. You will either give it or receive it. If you are struggling, help is on its way. If you are on top of the world, make sure you give back to help others. Be sure to help those who have helped you along the way. This is the time to open your heart to charity or to start thinking about the financial future of your loved ones. You will reap more rewards through giving. You will also find you now have the ability to pay back debts. Investments that have become stagnant are now positioned to increase in value.


This card serves as a warning to watch your spending habits. This is also a time to watch out for deceitful individuals. You may want to ask yourself if you are being too extravagant in your spending. Feelings of inadequacy may arise in you, due to the lack of recognition by others for the deeds you have done. These people are merely jealous of you. Your own jealousy of another person’s success may also be making you feel insecure. There might also be a financial loss of some kind, either due to your own careless behavior or another’s dirty dealings.? You may have a sense that you are putting more into a relationship than the other person is, which can lead to disharmony and imbalance.



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