Snow Dreams


Dreaming about snow is symbolic of both negative and positive emotions and situations surrounding you in your waking life. At times, snow dreams can represent the foretelling of an unexpected illness.
If your dream is centered around watching the snow fall, it means that you are facing a time of change and renewal. You are feeling spiritual, cleansed, optimistic and calm about approaching new beginnings. Melting snow in your dream can symbolize that problems in your waking life are starting to melt away. You are beginning to let go of feelings you have been holding back and are getting ready to face obstacles that may be coming toward you.
Snow dreams can also reflect that life can be harsh and cold at times. Dreaming that you are surrounded by a blizzard can indicate turmoil in your waking life, with little or no support from family and friends. You may feel that you have been abandoned or left out in the cold. You may also feel that you are having difficulty getting in touch with your own feelings, or that you are harboring feelings or memories that you are not willing to accept. Take this as a sign that you may need to focus on being more communicative with others.
Dirty snow in a dream can indicate the need for reconciliation with someone, a loss of innocence, or that something in your waking life has been tarnished. Dreaming of playing in the snow, making snow angels or a snowman can mean that you should set aside time for some much needed fun and relaxation. Finding something in the snow can be symbolic of uncovering hidden talents within you, even perhaps related to your intuition. It may be that you have dug up a part of your emotional self that has been buried for quite some time and that you need to put it to good use once again.


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