Spirit Cleansing Your Home


Some people experience abnormal and unexplainable activities within their homes. If they believe they are experiencing paranormal activities, there are ways to rid their homes of any unwanted entities or spirits. The technique is known as a spirit cleansing, house cleansing or house clearing. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? If so, you may have had a paranormal visit or spirit attachment.
Have you ever felt as if you were not alone anymore in your house? Are you experiencing paranormal activities? Have personal possessions been moved around or disappearing and reappearing? Do your electronics seem to have a mind of their own ? turning on and off without your assistance? Are there extremely hot or cold spots within your living space? Has the comfort level of being alone in your house dropped to a level of fear? Do you hear tapping, knocking or footsteps? Are your pets acting strange or skittish? Do you feel that you might be losing your mind? Most likely you have not lost it, but you just might be living with and experiencing the antics and shenanigans of an unwelcome spirit or entity.


Do not panic. Just as you treat a lingering cold by pulling out your entire arsenal of remedies, the same goes for cleansing your home of any unwanted lingering spirits. It is best to call in someone who is sensitive to spirits and their emotions and who is experienced in house clearing. Most spirits are not demonic, as the paranormal television shows would have you believe. Sometimes spirits who attach to an individual are confused about whether they are alive or dead, or looking for help to cross over to the spirit realm. This type of attachment does not necessarily indicate that you are ?possessed.?


According to Psychic Library, you will need the following items for a thorough, non-demonic spirit house cleansing. (This is not to be confused with an exorcism, which is entirely different.)




Cross, Star of David, or other religious talisman: You may bring with you or wear one or several of these items, especially if they are meaningful to you.

Kosher or sea salt: Throughout history, salt is believed to have protective properties. Sprinkle the salt at the main entrances to the home before entering it.

Holy water: Holy water can be obtained at most Catholic churches. Sprinkle the holy water at the main entrances to the home before entering it. Sprinkle the holy water around all the doors and windows and anywhere else in the home where paranormal activity is believed to have taken place.

Sage smudge stick: Shamans have used smudge sticks for protection and to remove unwelcome spirits. Light the smudge stick and in a clockwise motion, move the smoking sage around all doors and windows or anywhere else in the home where paranormal activity is believed to have taken place.

White candle: Light this candle during the cleansing and walk through the home with it for protection and to send white healing light within.


Archangel Michael Prayer of Protection: If you do not know it by heart, bring a copy with you to read.

Lord’s Prayer: If you do not know it by heart, bring a copy with you to read.

Recite: In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Ghost). We ask you to leave this house.

Serenity Prayer: This can at times be helpful to bring peace.





Psychic protection for those performing the spirit cleansing is extremely important so that the spirit can’t attach to them. Envision yourself covered in a golden shield from God. Then no one can harm you or disrupt the importance of your mission. It is very important to have a minimum of two people involved.

When you arrive at the home, put down the Kosher salt and Holy water before you enter and say the Lord’s prayer. Make sure your talisman(s) are exposed.


The person who is experiencing the paranormal activities should not be in the home. The reason for this is that spirits or entities may not want to let go of someone who is fearful or angry. These emotions actually give it more power over another and can even allow other spirits to be drawn in. Get the person to stay on the outside of the house during the cleansing, standing behind the point where you originally sprinkled the salt and holy water upon entering the home.


Open as many windows and doors as you can to make sure that multiple portals are accessible to the spirit for leaving the residence. Start the cleansing at the spot in the home where most of the paranormal activities occurred. You and all others present should continually recite the prayers with love and firmness, even if you have different religious beliefs, as you move through each room in the house. Simultaneously, light the white candle and the sage smudge stick. Smudge and sprinkle the Holy water in the entryways to all rooms and paranormally sensitive areas in a clockwise motion. Have another person carry the lighted white candle behind you.


Once you have completed these steps, the cleansing is complete. Bring the client who is now protected and free from the spirit back into the home. Make sure that the client also makes it known that the presence of the spirit was not welcome.



Psychic Library’s Experience


Psychic Library recently had the opportunity to perform a house cleansing. It all began when a woman attended a meeting of parents who had lost their children and who were wanting a few more minutes to connect with them in spirit through our psychic mediums, Psychic Library co-founder Donnie Tash and Todd Hogan. She attended the meeting to learn how a psychic connects with the spirit realm. She had not lost a child herself. Several of the parent’s children came through, which brought great comfort to the group.


It is important to note, that whenever anyone is around connections with the spirit realm, there is a chance that a spirit can attach itself to another individual, especially to someone who does not know about psychic protection, a technique used by psychics so that entities do not attach to them.


The meeting with the psychics adjourned and our client went home feeling very good about what had taken place. A few days later, she related occurrences that had been happening in her home, which had made her somewhat edgy. For example, shoes were moved off of a shelf and strategically positioned on the floor, a nightgown disappeared and reappeared somewhere else. She called in Psychic Library to see if there was indeed a presence in her home. When the team came over, they all felt that something was definitely present. In fact, right before they arrived she had found a wet dishcloth on top of some important papers, something she would never do herself. Upon entering, the team felt some type of presence. They did a light cleansing at first, using a spray to mimic the actual smoke from a smudge stick. Todd and Donnie believed the spirit might have attached itself to her during the presentation she attended. They sprayed clockwise around the windows and doorways of each room and firmly asked the spirit to leave, without showing fear or anger. It was not sensed as a malevolent entity, just as a mischievous teenager. Satisfied that spirit no longer resided in the home, they left the residence. Days later the experiences began escalating, lights turning on and off, remote controls repositioned and strange noises, which really unnerved her.


Psychic Library decided that they needed to return and do the house cleansing again. This time they came armed with all the ammunition listed in the tools section above. They came to realize that the first time they never left a window or door open that would serve as a portal through which the spirit could leave, as well as the fact that they allowed the client to stay in the house during the cleansing.


It has been more than a month since the second house clearing, and for now, all seems to have returned to normal at the client’s home and her piece of mind has been restored.







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